What we do

SMS is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care through service, support and industry leading products. Our team is committed to our patients, clinics, hospitals and referral sources.

Consignment (Stock & Bill)

Synergy Medical Systems will consign best in class products with flexibility and options to exceed provider and patient needs. Consigned product will be organized with bins, labels and pictures to easily identify product. All consignment is managed (par levels and restocking) by your dedicated SMS team.

Pre-Op & Post-Op Patient Fittings
Our dedicated team will fit and educate all prescribed products to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. Our team is committed to exceptional patient care by delivering industry leading SERVICE with a smile and Synergy Medical Systems proudly offers home delivery services in addition to office fittings.
Hospital Outsourcing Model

Outsourcing DME to Synergy Medical Systems = Significant cost savings! Product flexibility with access to multiple manufacturers. Dedicated hospital team to service daily and improve accountability. Hassle free and headache free program with elite outcomes for your patients and staff.

Buying Direct

Billing Services
Billing Services specializes in a wide range of specialties including, but not limited to, physician billing, DME, and laboratory services.

Check out our partner American Medical Billing.


We offer multiple programs and services that compliment your patient and practice needs. Best in class product, exceptional patient care, program flexibility and options are just a few reasons why Synergy Medical Systems is your ideal DME answer.

Ossur Unloader One®

Hely & Weber Global Knee®

Ossur Spinal Orthosis Miami LSO™

Hely & Weber TKO® (The Knuckle Orthosis)

Hely & Weber Titan Wrist™

Ossur Formfit® Shoulder Brace